Frequently Asked Questions



Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust (LSFCT)


How does your grantmaking work?
LSFCT takes a proactive approach to grantmaking. This means that we study our areas of interest and ask those organizations appearing to do exceptional work to submit proposals. In other words, we accept grant requests by invitation only.

Do you offer multi-year funding?
Grants typically cover a one-year period. Occasionally we do multi-year funding on projects with organizations that have proven their commitment to our mutual goals.

What are your expectations after a grant is approved?
We require a signed agreement and brief written reports every three, six, or twelve months depending on the nature of the project. Progress Reports should identify how the goals and objectives of the project are being achieved. A Final Report should indicate a summary of the project's accomplishments according to the goals and objectives presented in the proposal.

Does the Foundation make grants to churches or denominations?
Not as a rule.

Are there other restrictions to the foundation's grantmaking?
We do not fund buildings or facilities projects. The foundation typically does not make grants to international organizations that are not associated with a related U.S. non-profit.