Application Process


Important Notice

We focus our grants on projects relating to: Community Transformation, Family Values, Business as Mission and Evangelism. We presently have commitments to various organizations in these fields which we have supported and are presently supporting. Unfortunately, our commitments and limitations preclude us from adding any new ministries.

We do pray the Lord will provide for your needs and hope you understand the limits facing us. We know that God is our provision and as He provides for us we will be able to broaden our scope to add new ministries in the future.

In the meantime, we pray He will bless you and meet your needs.


How to Apply

The Living Stones Foundation grant-application process involves a rigorous evaluation of all proposed projects. Organizations seeking to partner with the Foundation must follow a two-step application process:

1. Self-Review: The first step of any potential partner is a self-examination in light of Living Stones Foundation's mission statement, funding guidelines, and stipulations. Organizations or projects that fail to meet these criteria will not be accepted. (Please refert to the Areas of Interest section of the website.)

2. Full Proposal: Upon review of the Initial Inquiry, the Foundation may extend an invitation for submission of a Full Proposal. Full Proposals are accepted by invitation only and should cover all areas specified by the Foundation.

After successfully completing the process, partners will be required to sign an agreement that will stipulate the specific use of funds and follow-up commitments. The latter involves written progress reviews every three, six, or twelve months, depending on the nature of the project.